Sunday, 13 July 2014

Proof Your Address on Paypal with PSD Fake Id Template

Pyapal is the world most reliable online payment processor till today. Some time Paypal  become too cruel and ask for lots of verification including address proof, Credit Card Authentication Proof, Nationality proof etc. It’s a night mare for those people who use Paypal from a country where Paypal does not exist. 

Gone are those days when your Paypal acc got limited and you lose all your money inside. Now you can verify your identity, address very easily. No matter where you  are.

Curious to know how? Follow the steps bellow-

  • 1.      Go to PSD Fake ID Template here -
  • 2.      Buy your required PSD template like Driving license,  Credit Card, Utility bill etc.
  • 3.      Edit the info according to your Paypal credentials.
  • 4.      Finally submit them to Paypal for Review. Done.